Friday, March 16, 2012


I hate binding. I don't get people who are all "I love doing the binding! It's the best bit... I spend a week sewing it down by hand and really savouring the process..."

Blergh. I know you can send a top off to be quilted; I wish I could send off my quilts to be bound. I've worked out probably the quickest, neatest method imaginable and it still feels like it takes forever. One day I might time them both, and see which actually takes longer - the quilting or the binding. There's so much faff to binding, there's cutting and pressing and pinning and folding and turning and sewing really carefully.

To that end, tonight I trimmed my edges, zigzagged them together and cut the binding strips. Just doing that took 20 minutes, and I haven't started the complicated stuff yet.

I need a binding fairy.


  1. don twanna? I'm one of those weird people who like doing the binding. It does take a while, I don't savor it, but I do like it. I just like that the quilt is almost completed. and I know when the binding is done, the quilt is done. I know if I machine sewed the binding it would be faster, but I like the way it looks finished by hand.

  2. I used to hate binding I don't mind it so much. It's not my favourite part but it's not my least favourite part either.

    I really do prefer the way hand binding finishes my quilts.

  3. I enjoy doing binding so send your quilts over to me. Courier is quicker than post as post has to go to Adelaide and back down again instead of straight across the border.