Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bribing myself.

Tonight after I got home from the gym I told myself that I had to at least sew the strips of the blue and grey quilt before I started sketching 2D handbags.

It worked. But my clipping it up didn't, really. I need more coathangers (what look like the across seams are sewn.the down ones aren't, but the threads between the strips are still attached, so it's like a big net at the moment)

And I've started sketches too.

Bag with flap won't need a zip = yay, but single handles make me sad.

And now that I'm going to bed, I'm not going to draw any more bags till after all those seams are pressed out, at the very least. And pinned too, preferably.


  1. I do deals like that with myself all the time.They usually involves not spending all day on the computer. I usually break the deal within the first 30 minutes.

    The drawings are looking very good!

  2. You can draw as well as do maths !!!!!

    I think I must have been hiding behind the door when those skills were given out.