Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm in a bit of a conundrum. One of the girls from work is pregnant and, like Meagan, she doesn't want to know what the baby's going to be. I'm not super close to her but her boyfriend has been friends with Meagan since highschool. I have been invited to her babyshower.

Question: do you think she's expecting a quilt?

If she knew what she was having, I would probably do her one. Girl quilts are easy. Boy quilts aren't that hard. But gender neutral quilts shit me. Green is my favourite colour, but I don't like the fact that is the gender neutral colour of choice. Orange is very in right now, what with tangerine being the colour of the year, but that hasn't filtered down to our Spotlight, who only got half the oranges in the new DS range (and none of the greens - boo), and oranges are especially hard to compare on a computer screen. What's more, soooo many fabrics, even ones that aren't girly, have flowers on them.

I'm not a big advocate of if I could do it all again-ing, but in this case, if I could do it all again, I'd buy a dozen bundles of the aqua, orange and brown mingle bundles, back when I could get them for $15 each. And then not only would I have the perfect go-to bundle whenever I needed a quick gender neutral baby quilt, I wouldn't be so worried about the fact that I haven't seen what is still my favourite quilt I've ever made in almost a year.

Cause I could just make it again.

I think I'd rather just find that one though.


  1. Why don't you do what I did for my friend Lucy? Make one side boy friendly and one side girl friendly. That way you dont have to worry about gender neutrality....

    Do you WANT to make a quilt for her?

  2. Sorry but Im thinking NOT! ON THE QUILT LIST but thats just me. There is a lot of work, money effort and ANGST that goes into making a quilt, this girl is not even your friend but the friend of a friend, I think you should knit a beanie or make some bibs. Quilt gifting is for special people and she dosnt even make the list.

  3. last week it was angst and this week a conundrum .. what is the world coming to? you could always wait and see what the baby is and give a quilt after birth. I think making bibs or a beanie or something like that is definitely enough for the shower.