Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Want. With changes.

Have any of you heard of Jump From Paper? They make these amazing bags that look completely photoshopped.

That's an actual, physical bag.

And dammit, I want one.

Thing is though, on the backs they've left them black. I suppose, technically, since it appears to be a 2D object, the back shouldn't matter. The angle is important when it comes to "looking" right, and since it's really only meant to be seen from the one direction, not going to any effort on the back would seem somewhat logical.

However, if I'm going to pay $70 for a bag, I want it to be double sided. I'm pretty sure that it would be possible to have the design reversed on the back. I'm pretty sure that you could put another zipper on the back too, even if the pocket was completly flat and attached wholly to one side of the gusset. I'm pretty sure that I could make something similar, but a bit smaller, and double sided, and I'm not totally sure about the "side pockets" on theirs, I think I'd ommit those. I really only want one to use as a pub bag, because I live to mess with the minds of drunk peeps. Also, I love my regular handbag too much to replace it fully, even though the magnet clasp is broken. How the hell can you even break a magnet?

Making a double sided, half size version of this is going to be my side project, that I basically spend all my time thinking about. It may even finally get me spoonflowering.


  1. Very very cool...I want one too but Im not going to pay 70 bucks for it. I cant believe what p[people come up with.

    Messing with the minds of drunk people sounds like fun.

  2. Wow I want one too, I might pay $70 for it, maybe! Hmm I've never heard of a broken magnet, it's a first!

  3. somehow I missed this post. That is a crazy bag. Messing with the minds of anyone is pretty cool -- I have a hard time believing that really is a bag.