Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lost: Linky Leader and Bloggy Friend. If found, please call...

Has anyone heard from Shay lately? I was all set to write tonight about how much I love a bitch session, but I just looked for something to link up to and there wasn't anything there.

I did read something the other day about a lady from Adelaide finally claiming a $900,000 jackpot that she apparently got as a christmas present but never got around to checking, so maybe that was Shay, and she's bumped up her Hawaii trip without telling anyone.

It's a shame, that would make a fantastic favourite things friday post.

Anyway, yeah, I love a bitch session. I know it's a bit mean at times, and it amuses he how some bitch sessions are about how bitchy certain other people are, but on the other hand, it's a handy way of reminding ourselves that the human experience is pretty much universal, and we really are all in it together, even when we're not. So yay for having a whinge to an agreeable ear.

We got the custom batch of monsters finished tonight, and yay for that too, and also a resolute "If I say I'm going to do monsters in the next 6 months, slap me."

And the fantastically named "Angst Bag" (thanks Thea) is coming along nicely: the outside's all done, the inside's nearly done and then it just needs a zipper to join it all together.


  1. I talked to her early evening. She's probably out partying, lol, I bet she fell asleep.

  2. I was asleep..and I didnt win lotto. How nice would that be though ! I just had one of those weeks. I think Im going to have to pre-prepare my Friday posts because lately they're always late !

    OK onto your post. I love a good bitch session as much as the next person . There's something therapeutic about getting things off your chest...

    So - you're all monstered out?

    Love the angst bag . Variegated thread is one of my favourite things. Im off to Spotlight today to get some for the Rainbow quilt.

  3. Two monsters delivered to Very happy homes and very happy little boys

  4. I tried to respond to your post at work but my computer there isn't letting me. They're probably blocking it or something. Anyway, looks like Shay was found. The angst bag turned out really nice. Seems like all that angst was worth it, or was it?

    We have a lottery here worth $365 million .. that'd be nice to win.