Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It was time for a new TV obsession...

So I'm obsessed with Community, in love with Jeff, and Britta is not only my new spirit animal*, but she also has what I think of as my spirit wardrobe. Lots and lots of fitted check shirts, leather jackets and dark skinny jeans.

Anyway, since I have a whole lot of telly to watch now and Lincraft coincidentally has a lot of their yarns half price, I did some crocheting.

I may switch back to knitting. I prefer the smooth finish of stocking stitch, and I like the edge finish better too.

*I have a lot of spirit animals. Caitlin Moran, Lou Brealey, Taylor Swift My Car (as opposed to the actual Taylor Swift) and EmmStaff, who is my real life spirit animal and the person who told me I should move Community up to the top of my to-watch list. There are others too, I just can't remember them right this second. Spirit animals are a Tumblr thing, it's kinda like saying "when I grow up I wanna be..." but more concise.


  1. Ive never watched Community but since Im looking for a new TV obsession myself I might have to check that out.

    Im devastated I've watched every episode of Gruen Transfer/Planet in existence and the current series ends this week.

  2. have you watched person of interest? I think it's pretty good. might be my favorite show right now. I'm so disappointed with NCIS .. it's gone on just too long. nice crocheting. I really need to get to doing.

  3. That's some really cool looking yarn.