Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Songs about Rain...

So it's 12 days into spring and the weather just can't seem to make up its mind. We've had lovely sunny days, gloomy skies, gentle breezes, gale force winds and huge downpours. But that's pretty typical of the mount. You sort of have to ignore the weather, except to constantly complain about it. Just because today was nice doesn't mean tomorrow will be.

And a weird thing happens inside homes and buildings... Generally the opposite of what's going on outside. In our house, through the winter, it'll often be in the high 20s*, because we'll have the fire going. At work, whenever the sun's shining outside, they overcompensate by turning the aircon on too high.

Tonight, after a sunny and dry but still chilly day, I came home and put on rainymood. It in no way, shape or form compares to actual rain on my actual tin roof, but I'm having a night in which I feel that a bit of ambiancic rain sounds are necessary.

I've just realised we haven't had any epic thunderstorms here in a while. Please, changeable Mount Gambier weather, can I have some of them soon?

*according to the internet, this means it would be about 80f.

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  1. I love a good thunderstorm. don't get those in California -- at least not where I live. had one when I was on vacation but the place I was staying was so tiny, without windows so I missed it. except for lots of noise.