Monday, August 27, 2012

Wait, what?

Tonight I found myself only wearing one sock, after I got an itchy foot a couple of hours ago and took my sock off to scratch it. I hadn't realised how long it'd been - I must have done it all the time a couple of years ago, since I named my blog after my tendency to end the evening wearing only one sock. I'm not sure why it's not happening much any more, except possibly that my heels are a bit more callused these days, and maybe that helps them grip socks better.

What's more I've passed both 2 years of blogging and 850 posts without noticing. In much the same way, it's already the wee small hours of Monday morning and my weekend is all gone.

How did that happen?


  1. Congratulations on the blogiversary Sara. I woke this morning with one sock on (maybe there is some kind of weird one sock virus going on at the moment )

  2. Congrats on 850 posts! Wow! and also on your 2 years. And I always wondered about the lone sock thing. I always figured it was because dryers eat socks or maybe a knitting thing.