Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can I have fridayitis? Is that a thing?

Today I took a couple of quilts into Spotlight because they're having a big quilting day in a couple of weeks and wanted people to bring in quilts to display. I think they may be having a competition as well, but they asked if I would bring in a few to get them started, so other people would know to bring in theirs. I took the green pavement quilt and the bluegrey quilt for starters, since they're both fairly big and both made mainly from fabrics from Spotlight. I showed them a picture of Carried Away and they said they wanted me to bring it in even thought it's really small, but it's a bit busy being loved by me right now. But I might wash and take in Sunset and the first blue and green quilt too, since they're just hanging about.

While I was in there I bought some Arctic fleece, which must be the next one up from the Husky I had been using, since it's $1.50 more. If I'm honest, I like the Husky a lot better - it's thinner but it has nice drape and it's easier to pin and it looks less "fleecy" if that makes any sense: the only reason I got the arctic was that there was some decent colours other than black - Husky only had really bright colours or prints. Tonight I made a red jacket, but I did a frankly terrible job of the back, and I'm starting to get a scissor blister on my thumb, which is probably a sign I should get back to quilting. But I've got a bottle green jacket and a sort of stone/puce/really pale brown jacket to make first.

I may need a bandaid.

It's not much yet, but in maybe a jacket and a half it will be bad.

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