Sunday, July 1, 2012


Some days I get why most bloggers don't post every day, because, truly, not ever day has something happen. Some days, you get up, buy some boring stuff (undies, chocolate) go play with some babies, have dinner, have a couple of drinks, get encouraged to go into town with your sister, realise you really don't feel like going out tonight, read a few very interesting pieces on feminism while sitting in a bar packed with 20 somethings wearing not enough clothing and too much heel, and then you get maccas and come home and laugh till you cry over some random funny photo pages.

And sadly, that isn't really blog-worthy, though at least by having done it, I'll be able to find out in the future, relatively quickly, what I was doing on the eve of the new financial year 2012/13. That really for me is the handiest thing about this blog, since I'm a bit shit with the whole "remembering" thing - earlier this year I had to look up my post from my birthday last year, because it was a complete blank.

Anyway, for my new financial years resolution (which, as a personal rule, has to be non-financial) is going to be to put more effort into wearing my pretty clothes on my days off. I have a pretty big wardrobe (contents, not physical space, sadly) and a lot of it only gets worn on a potential 2 days a week when I'm not working. So it's a shame that I so often just go with a pair of daggy jeans and a long sleeve tee. YOLO, as facebook would say, so I'm gunna dress purty.


  1. Yeah, I'm just not as interesting a person as you. My blogs would consist of: got up, went to work, worked, got stuck in bad traffic on the way home, came home, ate dinner (or made and ate dinner), watched TV, hung out on the internet, slept, and the whole cycle begins anew. Why financial year? and that's a good resolution!

  2. I havent got out of my pyjamas since Friday night ....maybe I should make a resolution like this !