Friday, July 13, 2012


So, when I drink, I usually drink cider. Strawberry cider is my favourite but it's expensive so I usually stick to pear cider, which is known as perry. But my brain of course hears that and starts sing that subway jingle, the peri peri chicken, peri peri chicken, peri peri chicken chicken sub one.

I'd just like to warn you all, in case you ever end up drinking with me, and I end up singing this. Also, I'd like to apologise to anyone who knows that ad and now has that stupid damn jingle stuck in their head. Me too. Sympathy, dudes.


  1. I hate you !Im going to be singing it all day ....

    Im off to sing the Sesame Street theme song to get that jingle outta my head.

  2. don't know the jingle so I'm safe .. however, I am now humming the Sesame Street theme song.