Friday, July 6, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Having... actually, I don't even know what they're called. The lids that you need a bottle opener to open, the ones that aren't screw tops. I don't think it's pop-tops, since I think of pop-tops as those little kids drinks. But having the lids that you need a bottle opener for, I think they're a good idea. Because when your good bottle opener is out in the car, and you need to use the little bit on the can opener, which is really really hard to use, it's kinda like a clever little drunk-person lock. When you've had too much, you can't open another bottle, so you stop. Brilliant.

Anyway, it's Thursday. I wish that I could be doing my lonesome drinking practice on a Tuesday, because I could call it Tipsy Tuesday, but it's Fridays I don't work, not Wednesdays, so I guess we'll have to stick with Thirsty Thursday.

It started with Wine and Cheese and True Blood night. Now the girls at work are all "It's Thursday, Sara! Getting drunk tonight?' and I have to point out that it's not drunk that I'm aiming for, just a pleasant shade of tipsy where I can flipflop between loving all the funny animals on youtube and being sad cause I'm single, tipsy and watching startled goats fall over.

But then again, my ex messaged me a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn't until then that I had a chance to realise how truly glad I am to not be with him any more. Because you can both tell yourself something and not really think it. And it's not until you might actually have the opportunity to do what you found yourself wanting to do for so very very long (in this case, have them want you back, and entertain the idea of telling them that they're fucked in the head if they think you'd be that stupid again) that you realise you don't need to, because of how good your life is now. Good enough that you get to have your own Thirsty Thursdays, having a hell of a lot of fun getting drunk on my own because you can. Because now, I can do whatever I can. Maybe that's all the difference one needs. Maybe that's what's important.

Also important, breadsticks. Obviously. And big glasses, though I'm not sure why. Wine glasses are necessary, though wine is not. I think it's the way you hold them. And it's easier to drink it too.

So here's to big glasses. And bottle tops both screw-top and otherwise. And fainting goats and breadsticks and doing what you want for your own reasons.


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  1. It feels good to know you've moved on from a relationship breakup doesn't it? And even better when you get to say "No thanks" to the ex....