Saturday, July 14, 2012

The good in the bad.

So I woke up today with a terrible hangover. Some might say that it was karma from getting a really annoying advertising jingle stuck in the heads of my entire facebook friends list, and maybe they're right. Some problems, when shared, are multiplied instead of halved.

Anyway, once I finally achieved verticality (it was a real struggle) I cooked some homemade chips which, naturally, gave me horrible indigestion. From headachey and nauseous to crippling heartburn in under an hour. Thank god for Quick Eze, which is so much more than just a one-day favourite thing. Quick Eze has saved my life many, many times, and I'm so grateful for its existence. A world without Quick Eze is a world in which I would not wish to live.

Similarly, a world with only one like per Friday isn't for me either, so, keeping with the theme, I'd like to honour my hungover shirt. Yes, that's right, I have a shirt especially for being hungover in. It's a mens shirt I got for $5 from Kmart (actually, I have two of them the same) and it always seems to end up in my morning after bag for BnS balls, and so, whenever I feel hungover, and I look in my cupboard, it's the thing I pull out. it's big and comfy and still looks very good on me, even when I'm struggling to stand. It's awesome.

As is my new method of cooking beef burgers - squish the mince between some baking paper and sit them on the top of the fire. Flip them over and once it's cooked through, eat. With lots of tomato sauce, because that's the whole reason for having beef burgers. I don't know that it would work on many fires other than ours, which pumps out a stupid amount of heat because all the insulating bricks in it have disintegrated after 20 years, but for me at least, it's quick, doesn't dirty a frypan and there's less grease in it. It's a good thing about winter, finally, though I'm also loving the sound of the rain tonight.

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  1. You must have really tied one on to be sop hungover. I was singing the peri peri chicken ad all day yesterday so frankly you got what you deserve!