Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Most of the time, I'm kinda glad I didn't move to Adelaide and do fashion design. The fact that, six months or so after I was due to leave, I pretty much stopped sewing clothes and switched to quilts instead, kinda felt like validation. And even though I'll never really know, I think that, for all that I would have gained, I would have also probably missed out on great things like this blog, and all my amazing local friends, and getting to be a proper bogan.

If I had moved to Adelaide, I don't know that I would be able to sing along to that scene in Magic Mike where he dances to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. And that would be a pretty big loss.

Sometimes though, I wish I had. Not that my wardrobe isn't quite bitchin' enough, but it'd be nice to just whip up what I really really want off the top of my head, instead of waiting for the pattern to get here, and knowing that even though it's lovely, I'd like it to have one of those shoulder gussets. I really like them. I could be terribly edgy, hanging out in hip city bars. I'd probably have a girlfriend, because I've heard that all the boys you meet at the TAFE SA arts campus are gay, so most of the girls decide to be too. But I'm sure we'd be very hip, and edgy, and I like to think we would share a wardrobe, which we had worked together on. It's all a fun, entirely fictional alternative to my real life which is: tonight, I went to the gym, and then it was cold outside and my thighs cramped up and were hurting so I came home and got in the electric blanket.

On the other hand, things like this are apparently in season. And I sure as hell don't want to work in an industry that feels this way.


  1. eww how gross ! The pants I mean. I'm glad I am so old I dont have to worry about fashions like that.

  2. I hate that I can't comment at work. Who knows what pearls of wisdom are lost in the 12 hours from when I first see your post until I finally remember to come back to it and comment. I think I was going to tell you that you can always decide to work on the fashion design thing. You are young enough to make the change, if/when you want to. Looks like you love to sew everything. Maybe if you were in the industry those pants wouldn't have made it anywhere ..