Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saying something.

There's something to be said for lying on the floor in front of the fire listening to songs you haven't heard in ages, and staring at the roof thinking about shit, and that something is: I should do it more often.

I had a lot of options for tonight. A couple of different invites out, or drinking on my lonesome, or even sewing. But I think I made the right choice, spending a couple of hours reading random wikipedia articles and eating baked beans. And then taking to youtube to find all those songs that have slipped out of my regular rotation. The Youth Group and the Snow Patrol and the Coldplay and the Dr Hook.

Actually, apart from roadtrips (which are a brilliant excuse to do pretty much nothing but listen to music for 5 hours) I think the last time I did this was easter, when it was 1am on the beach. It's a shame. I'm so used to multitasking - to crochet as I watch tv, to sew with music in the background, to read while cooking (I'm pretty hardcore) that I don't take as much time to think and reflect and just be, quietly, as maybe I should.

See, whenever I'm being me, I tend to be almost obnoxiously me. As me as I can be. I'm usually me-ing my little heart out, reveling in the feeling of my me-ness, because it's damn awesome, if I do say so myself. I'm not ashamed of it, admittedly I rarely notice it, and I really don't mind it. But I suppose there's also something to be said for introspective me too.

And that something is, she has fabulous taste in music.


  1. I'm really beginning to worry about your self=image ... :). sounds nice. just listening to your favorite songs.

    1. I can't help being up myself... It's hard not to when I'm so gosh darned freaking awesome :)

      But really, I see so many people who're busy putting up a facadé, pretending to be someone they're not so that other people will like them. I'm just taking it to the other extreme: weeding out the people who would probably only hold me back by scaring them off. So congrats on being fantastic enough to stick around :P