Monday, July 30, 2012

It's so nice to be home, on my own bed with it's electric blanket, in my own bedroom where I'm not worried about the sound of my typing waking people who actually sleep at night, driving my own car, and having enough powerpoints for all my tech.

And, since I'm warm and happy and content, I may as well break out a couple of whinges.

Why do all the motels in Adelaide make you check out at 10 when nothing opens till 11 on a sunday? I think it should be like how maccas does breakfast till later on a sunday. In my world, motel checkouts would be at least a half hour later on sundays, maybe a full hour. It just makes sense.

Why on earth do people still listen to the radio? I mean, yes, it's a handy way to learn new songs, but if I'm honest, most of those new songs are shit. Even Call Me Maybe, which I adore, is admittedly, lyrically quite weak. And the jingles, oh, the jingles. My travel companions wanted to listen to the actual radio as we were going through the hills, and the stupid ads were so insipid and annoying that I wanted to pull the car over. I lost the will to live, let alone drive. If I'm gunna be stuck in a car for five hours, I want to be feeling pumped, having fun... not listening to a cheesy rhyme about shower screens. And the fizzy sound. kzzzzztch...Really science, it's 2012. Haven't you fixed that yet? I don't want to have to find a new station every 45 minutes, but the fuzz at the edges of range gives me a terrible headache.

Why does Spotlight have their sales on weekends when I've only got 10 minutes to shop? Why can't they have 30% off fabric next thursday and friday, when I can get to a whole lot of stores, instead of popping into one quickly and grabbing a half dozen random fabrics while everyone else looked at baby stuff? (I'll take photos tomorrow, they've pseudo-assimilated into the stash already, so I need to fish them back out)

Why do I get an overwhelming urge to quilt when I'm stuck in a car 300km from my machine, but as soon as I get home I'm like naaaah...


  1. Maccas does late breakfast on Sundays ? I wish I’d known that yesterday!

    I didn’t know Spotlight was on sale but since I was there I picked up a couple of 30% off fabrics. It was a little like winning the lottery. Clovercrest had some Denyse Schmidt on the clearance table and a further 30% off too. Oh Happy day!

    O always feel like sewing in the morning on the days I have to go to work and by the time I get home the urge has passed. Maybe we’re just ornery?

  2. I always wish I was home sewing when i'm at work and when I get home I just want to crash. and the weekends always seem to be a bust. I don't get why checkout at hotels is 10 a.m. and check in is 3 p.m. and if I'm staying at a hotel, it seems like they're trying to clean the room at about 9 a.m.

    sometimes I get tired of my music and turn on the radio, but not usually. Usually we're fighting over who's ipod we're going to listen to.