Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Kindly, in lieu of absolutely nothing, blogger has started working on the desktop again. Which is lovely. It might be to do with the new version of firefox. I'm not sure how I feel about it; the new tabs bringing up old tabs is a bit weird, but it pales in comparison to the changes on firefox for android, which left it pretty much unuseable to me today until I worked out that tabs were now at the top.

I'm dumb sometimes. Of course tabs are at the top. It was weird when they were on the side. This makes more sense. But it took me ages to figure out.

Still, it was easier than working out the maths for the whole HSTs-at-the-end-of-rectangles thing. But I've got it down pat now. For centimetres at least. When it comes to inches, I'm as useless as I was when it came to finding a new tab.


  1. Whenever a browser upgrade or anything happens to change the way my computer works it's like I have to learn how to use a computer all over again.

    Its nice to hear that someone as techno as you struggles a bit from time to time. It gives me hope !

  2. I've just started using firefox again because when I'm on safari I always get errors. I was so used to safari that I'm not at all happy. Any tips for firefox that you can offer?