Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Before I begin, I'd just like to point out that the tumblr logo is essentially the facebook logo upside down, and I put tumblr next to facebook on my bookmarks bar when I noticed this just so I could look more closely at the two together, and now whenever I go looking for tumblr, I can never remember where it is.

Aaaaanyway. Stonerollers is in less than two weeks (squee) and, just like for the last 3 balls, my friend Anna has been saying she will buy a swag and come. She came to Harrow, but without a swag, and simply attending a ball will not earn you a quilt. If I love you enough, you get a quilt just for being generally pretty awesome (usually for your birthday, but sometimes for christmas.) If I just like you, the rules are: Baby or swag. That's it. And if I don't like you, it matters neither how many babies you squeeze out of your lady bits nor how many swags you buy: no quilt for you.

Since the purchase of a swag has been long intended by Anna, so has the making of this quilt been long intended by me. I found some bundles of pink batik and blogged them so long ago I can't find them online, and for her birthday I trimmed them down to squares and used the offcuts to piece a pillowcase, but the squares have just sat on the shelf waiting for her to get a swag, so I know how big the quilt will need to be. I think mine is about 100x180cm - long and skinny. But as swags come in different sizes, so too should their quilts.

What's more, the fabrics are all a bit same-y. There's mottled pink, pink with pink swirls, pink with blue swirls, pink with rainbow swirls, pink with rainbow square swirls, pink with rainbow lines... And I can't really come up with a design, so much as a jumble of similar pink fabrics.

So, what I'm thinking is maybe I'll add some strips of rainbow piecing. I've had these mottled solids in my stash for a while now, and I figure if I just cut a couple of strips from the end I'll be able to make a couple of nice little bits of spectrum to break it up a bit. I've got real solids too (the ones up the side) but I like it all being motley.

In more random news, the Vogue/McCalls pattern website is having an amazing sale, $3.50/$1.50 a pattern respectively. I bought seven and the postage to Australia was $25, but these are patterns that retail for $25 EACH here. I plan on making myself this in black, and going around looking super badass, maybe fighting some crime, or maybe just scissor kicking people in the face, because, in my mind at least, that's what you do when you're badass.

But the pants... I'll pass on the pants. They're a bit too genie for me.

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  1. very nice jacket. can't wait to see it. Those pinks are amazingly similar.