Monday, July 2, 2012

Even I don't know...

Forgive me if I come off sounding bonkers, but tonight I had a theory:

I'm pretty good at getting nice matching points. That's not my theory, it's just a background statement. As is this - I also don't quilt in inches.

Now, I know correlation doesn't imply causation. But the fact remains, I use sketchy maths, usually done my me either at 3am or sneakily at work, and an inconstant seam, that may or may not be about 7.5mm (since I've never actually measured it) and there's often a bit of seam that ends up sticking out further or less than the one on the other side. And yet, I still, without trimming, usually end up with pretty neat points.

Granted, I do pin all my seams, and there's often a bit of ease stitching going on, but I'm thinking (here's the actual theory) that since I've never been beholden to the idea of the accurate or scant quarter inch seam, I've never been ashamed to have my seams be wider or narrower, if it means having a nicely matching point. My HSTs in particular - the back of the top, if you were to look at it before it were quilted, is often really haphazard looking, with seams that appear to be very uneven. But from the front, so long as the seams are wide enough to not fray (and with a start seam over a millimetre wider than a standard imperial seam, I'm usually fairly confident that they'll hold even if they're a bit under) it'll look better from the front that it would have had I been focused solely on my seams maintaining that accurate quarter inch.

I'm not sure what the point to this theory is, other than to point out, as I occasionally like to do, that metric is the measurement of the future, and that while a base 12 may be divisible neatly by 4, maybe the creative abandon that comes from the uncertainty inherent in a decimal place can be an obviously beneficial part of the artistic process. That one sometimes has to be wrong to be right.

Or maybe it's just that I'm drunk*.

*clearly, I'm not drunk. Drunk people don't write sentences like that second-to-last one, which I'm proud to say is probably the most pontificational bullshit I've written since high school. Maybe someone should slap me?


  1. I like how you break rules and get away with it. Were you like that as a kid?

  2. I've never liked the metric stuff. I just can't wrap my mind around it. It should be easier because it's all tens but I just don't get it. On a related subject, I think I like the math theory better than real life application (like quilting and cards). I just can't seem to figure these things out. Like I only want to think if I'm getting a grade.