Thursday, July 5, 2012


I tried. I tried really hard. I tried scribbling some stuff on graph paper. I tried shifting fabric into little piles. I tried doing little lines on the computer. I even crocheted for a bit, resulting in a pointless, pathetic little square. And now its time to face facts. It is ONE DEGREE ZERO DEGREES*outside. My creativity is probably hibernating for the winter.

I'd like to join it. I've had enough of being cold. How do I go about hibernation? I think I just eat lots and lots and then hop in bed for three months? Is that right?

It sounds nice.

*I checked the weather on my phone before I started typing, and then again after I pushed publish; this is an edit. Also, apparently humidity is at 100%. does this mean that if I go outside, I will be swimming?


  1. I decided I was over Winter last week. Enough of the cold.

    It's really crimping my creativity too!

  2. When I'm really cold I love taking a hot shower and then crawling in to bed to keep the heat in. 100% humidity in the cold and it's not snowing (I originally typed sewing :)). Hope you warm up soon.