Friday, June 22, 2012

Wine, Cheese and True Blood night

It's 5am, I'm in the pleasant place between tipsy and drunk, and I just wanna tell you all how much I love breadsticks, and that the choice between them and Ritz crackers and cheese is easy, (not that I don't love Ritz crackers and cheese) whereas the choice between Bill, Sam and Eric is hard. I know that 3 days ago I was in love with Bill, but a couple of hours ago I was in love with Sam, and then about a half an hour ago it was Godric (he's dead now) and now it's Eric, who, weirdly, looks a lot like Keith Urban sometimes.

As you can probably tell, Wine, Cheese and True Blood night is going well. Except for the bit where I've concluded I really need to stop trying to drink rosé, cause it tastes horrible, and switched to cider instead.

Whoop, in love with Sam again. I love being fickle for fictional fellas. And that's practically a tongue twister :)


  1. I think I would have opted for the Ritz but would definitely pass on the Rose. sounds like a very nice 5 a.m. activity.

  2. I'm a white wine gal when I drink wine. Red gives me a headache.

    I think you're allowed to be fickle with fictional characters.