Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A sad, sad day.

Is it possible that there is some kind of peak physical quilting condition? That we are like athletes in training, only without commentators, or sponsors, but that we end up with something prettier than a medal at the end?

I only ask because tonight I did about 2 hours quilting, and was going to do more, but I was starting to ache. The ironing, the cutting, the chain piecing, it was all just making me sore, so I stopped half-done. It would appear that lounging around for the last week watching True Blood has left me badly out of quilting-shape.

Granted, it's one of the most complicated designs I've ever done, in terms of having quiltmaths even I struggle to understand and some very odd points, but I have to admit it. I got lazy. I lost my edge.

Either that, or I'm right about the new fridge being evil and sending out gamma rays to weaken my super-quilting-powers.

I don't trust that fridge. It's too white.

R.I.P. old fridge. I miss you.


  1. Im betting its the fridge . Surely you couldnt have lost your peak quilting fitness in such a short time?