Friday, June 8, 2012


I'm just really really having a lovely night. I was going to do my favourite things friday, because I'm feeling so good, but I'm worried that by trying to quantify it, I'd end up losing it, so I wont.

I should also point out that that I've been downing sprinkles at a ferocious rate tonight - I tip them from the packet into an empty tic tac container, and then straight into my mouth.

It's heaps fun, I've had 4 containers worth tonight, my teeth all spontaneously fell out and I'm pinging so hard on a sugar high; now I'm just waiting for the soon-to-hit comedown at which point I will immediately fall asleep.

Gotta say, its cheaper than wine, and it tastes waaaaay nicer. It's 83% sugar, in case you were wondering. And rainbow.


  1. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if you didn't get to sleep at all....

  2. my sugar highs don't last nearly as long as they used to, and I crash so much faster. Sounds almost like a drug doesn't it. I thought your sparkles were a new kind of tic tac. very nice.