Saturday, June 30, 2012

If you insist, universe.

So lets say you had planned to spend the night making a pattern for a raincoat from one of your favourite hoodies, but then you couldn't find a tape measure. You'd be all "oh no, my night is ruined, I can't do this without a tape measure (sad face)"

But it's okay... I have the perfect solution...

Just spend the night looking at funny pictures on the internet instead. You know you want to. Take it as a sign from the universe. It wants you to do this. That's why it hid your tape measures.

Plus, Batdog.


  1. Batdog is hilarious!

    The universe hid my cleaning products last night.I was going to clean the house but I sat on the computer booking holiday related stuff instead..

  2. I don't think the universe is doing anything around here .. except maybe stealing my mojo ....