Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I, anosmic.

Sometimes, like, that moment when you realise you might have blown out the flame when you shut the door of the oven 10 minutes ago when you checked on your food, but the gas has probably still been pumping through the whole time, but you're not sure if it has or not, and you've turned it off but now you're not game to turn it back on since the oven door's been open long enough for it to all waft out, so you won't re-light it in case the whole damn house explodes, and your food's still only half cooked, and you're getting seriously hungry but you're gunna wait yet another 10 minutes before you even turn the oven on... Sometimes, I wish I had a sense of smell.

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  1. Follow up: the gas appears to have run out of it's own accord, judging by the pathetic little flame that appeared when I tried the top burners. I'm crispying my chicken sticks up on the fire.