Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Woe is me

I think that one of the big reasons I've been crocheting instead of sewing is that it doesn't take any time to set up. To sew something, I have to get the fabric, iron it, cut it, clear space around the sewing machine, and then when it's finished I have to pack it all up again. To crochet, I find a needle, guess some numbers and start. It also helps that I can sit in bed and re-watch White Collar in it's entirety while I do it.

I'm so excited that it's only a month or so now till the next season starts - I watch a fair few TV shows but it's probably my favourite. I always thought I would make an excellent con-woman: I can lie pretty well, fake sincerity with the best of them and I'm an excellent painter, even though I haven't done it in over half a decade, but I'm pretty sure that if I had to I could forge an artwork or two. Also, I could pretend to be whoever I wanted to be, and I would love that. I get angsty about all that life out there that I will never live, the books I will never read, the movies that I will never see, experiences I will never live through. I got genuinely sad tonight when I said "see you later" to the lady in the foreign callcentre and realised that only will I never "see" her later, I'll probably never talk to her again. 7 billion people on this earth and I'll never talk to even 0.001% of them. There's a whole world out there, backed up by 200,000 years of human existence, people thinking great thoughts, learning amazing things, and life's too short and too mundane to learn them all.

Plus, I'm quite lazy, and tend towards whatever is safest, and warmest, and usually also the most rainbow or the sparkliest. First world problem-ing, yet again: "woes is me, my life is boring, and I'm too lazy to make it more interesting"

Thank god for escapist TV, and a job that lets me sleep in till lunchtime.


  1. You've got plenty of time for almost everything you want to do in this world yet. However I agree that the mundane crap does tend to put a bit of dampener on doing them all...

  2. at least you're doing something .. it's pretty overwhelming when you think about all the people there are on this planet and how many there will be.