Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pathetic whinging post.

I have a cold.

I woke up feeling okay, even managed to get in a half hour of actual sewing before it hit. Since then I've had tissues shoved up my nose whenever I'm alone and I've been shooting back Demazin like it's $4 shots night at the pub (including saying "nostrovia" or sometimes "za vas" as I do it)

Worst of all, it's my full weekend on, and, short of throwing up all over a customer, I don't have much chance of getting to go home sick tomorrow. Like Sundays aren't bad enough when you're feeling good.

Maddy was home from school yesterday (with "sniffles") so I assume I've gotten it from her. Only good thing is I made a doctor's appointment for Tuesday for something unrelated so if I'm still feeling crap I'll see if I can at least get a few weekdays off work. I don't even remember the last time I had a sick day, but then, I also don't remember the last time I felt this sick.

I can only hope all the cough meds make me fall asleep instead of lying about feeling sorry for myself for the next 4 hours.


  1. Oh, so sorry. better its on a work weekend rather than a time when you had fun plans .. hope the demazin works for you and you're getting tons of sleep ..

  2. I dont think you really shook the first bout of being sick. Hope you manage to get through Sunday OK. Keep doing demazin shots and cross your fingers!