Monday, May 21, 2012

Ironically whinging post.

Most nights, before I go to bed, I click on the bookmark for the latest xkcd comic. They only update 3 times a week but I press the random button a few times, just to see which of the thousand or so comics pop up for me. It's kinda like a weird fortune cookie/horoscope type thing.

Last night:

Having a positive attitude is almost tautologically good for your mental health, and extreme stress can hurt your immune system, but that doesn't mean you should feel like shit for feeling like shit.

I know that it's actually about his girlfriend having breast cancer, which is a whole lot worse than having a stupid cold, but the mouseover text (I put it as the caption) seemed to ring particularly true. At the end of last night's whingey post I considered hashtagging firstworldproblems onto the end of it, so everyone knew that I knew that I was being whiny and pathetic, but it got a bit too meta, and I already have a headache. Thanks to this though, I'm gunna feel shit. I'm gunna roll with feeling shit. I'm gunna shove tissues up my nose, drink Demazin like it's cordial, pop Panadols like they're smarties, sit in my electrically blanketed bed and watch all of season 1 of White Collar tomorrow. I'm gunna take my sick days, like a normal person would, and in a few days time, my nose will stop running, my eardrums will stop popping every time I blow it, and I will once again be able to bend over without feeling dizzy. This will happen whether or not I spend tomorrow in bed, but I may as well make the best of a snotty situation.

Oh, and the stunningly pretty yarn I bought to crochet myself a beret with is 100% wool, and not quite as soft as the cotton or bamboo I would like it to be.



  1. that yarn is absolutely beautiful though ..

  2. Im glad you're being sensible and taking some time off work. I embrace the feeling of being truly sick. Truly sick people dont go to work and they dont worry about it.

    On the up side maybe you'll have enough strength to get some more crochet done which is a perfectly acceptable sick day activity.