Thursday, May 10, 2012

For Science!

The worst thing about going to the post office right before work is that you then spend your entire shift wanting to go out to the car and open up your packages.

And unsurprisingly, new fabric doesn't so much inspire me to create, as it inspires me to sit about and fondle new fabrics.

Some cute little farm animals that will probably end up with Meagan's baby, whenever it decides to get here.
Some lime greens I'd bought to go with the bundle of lime green fabrics from the new DS line, but the spotty one is too bright, so it's just going into stash.

Pinks and Greys to go with a couple of other fabrics from the same line, and some grey to go into the blue and grey re-done quilt.

My favourite fabric - they had 3 yards left but it was a 1/2 yard cut and a 2 1/2 yard cut, but I don't care. The diagonal stripe for binding on the white-sashed-nine-patch that's still hanging on my curtain.

Some organic cottons I bought mainly because they were only $5p/y.

And if you'll remember, postage was $22, seemingly having finally gotten their ridiculous overcharging sorted.

Look up the top.
The scientist in me now insists we buy more stuff, just to see if the low postage cost in relation to real-world figures was some kind of statistical outlier. Seriously guys, I'd be doing it for the science*.

*And I request all my fellow Aussies buy something from them too - the larger the sample size, the more accurate our findings will be. If husbands/children/credit card statements complain, tell them it's for science.


  1. I want to be part of the study but Im saving to buy Hawaiian fabric.

    I love those organic cottons.They look like they'd feel divine!

  2. The farm animal fabric is really cute. I would like to join in the science experiment, but I live on the wrong continent ..