Saturday, May 19, 2012

Favourite things (in bold)

Friday! It's a pretty good day, what with how I usually don't have to work and all, and today it was my last day off till next Saturday, and since I'm driving to Adelaide then, and back the next day, I'm not sure that it counts, so it kinda felt like today was going to be my last day off in forever.

But I got to go see this guy again.

And if I had to pick one actual favourite, it would probably be him. But I don't want my pseudo-nephew to grow up in a world where he can only have one favourite thing, so let's have more.

In honour of our hostess with the mostest, I'm going to go with some very mundane things;

The scroll button on my mouse. It is the unsung hero of all the input keys. While everyone's all rightclick/leftclick/spacebar/enter I'm just leisurely scrolling up and down. Using a mouse without one is horrible, and I feel that laptops would be greatly improved if they had one as well.

Those pop-up lids on drink bottles. You can open the drink with only one hand. And your mouth, obviously. But rarely am I laying on my other mouth. And they're less likely to spill all down the side of your face.

Little watchband adjuster tools. So much easier than trying to shove a pin into the little holes with a pair of pliers.

Chocolate Croissants. Croissants, with chocolate bits on top, and chocolate ganache inside. $2.40 from the bakery section at woolies.

Don's Salami. I don't know why it's so much better than Han's, but it is.

Getting your waxing done by a friend instead of a professional stranger, because the converstion is much better.

Having really long showers on days when it rains, because that's the whole point of having a rainwater tank.

CD burners. Remember when, to make a mix tape, you had to do it in real time? I do, but thankfully only barely.

Finding a fabric at lincraft that you've been looking fo the likes of on ebay for months.

Paying half price for it.


  1. Awww he’s such a cutie! I just want to cuddle him!

    My scroll mouse is one of my favourite things too. I had to beg for one at work for years ....

    Chocolate croissants have been a fave of mine since about 1998.

    Half price fabric? I think I may just have to take a trip to Lincraft (although our store is pretty crappy compared to yours I think )

  2. What a gorgeous boy. Great to have lots of favs.

  3. He is sooooo cute. I'm going to have one soon .. sort of! Congratulations psuedo auntie!

    Not a big chocolate croissant fan .. but sometimes I have to suffer through them!

    Half price fabric is a definite favorite.

  4. Sweet little baby! Great other favorites, too. :D

  5. Some great favourites there Sara includint baby Thomas but croissants should only have ham and cheese on them and then be grilled mmmmmm my favourite thing only on special days cause they are so fattening =( Also cant live without that sort of mouse with the scroll button, best invention since the computer