Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coulda Shoulda Woulda

There's so much stuff that I should have been doing tonight - sorting out a dress for the weekend, a couple of half finished bags, working on the most epic road trip CD of all time, washing my hair, things like that.


I really like using two threads at once, I like the challenge of picking two that will work together, without any real knowledge of what to expect. The variegated ball is a 70% acrylic 30% wool blend, the cerise a 50/50 cotton and acrylic. I'm back on the decreases now, still just making it up as I go along.


  1. There were a few things I should have been doing last night too but instead I spent most of my night gabbling on the phone and talking on Facetime.

    At least you achieved something! It looks wonderful!

  2. Last night .. hmmm .. that's probably right now. I watched American Idol and hoped my laundry would get done. Does that count? I can't believe how much crocheting you've done over the last week .. what three beanies?? Are you feeling better?

  3. Im so sorry I taught you a new skill Sara, it means your not getting your other things done and by the way, your yellow crochet hook is still here Matey, you should come over and swing your other hook Arrrrh