Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's so cold here tonight. Bordering on too-cold-to-function. My phone says it's 4 degrees out, and I know that there's plenty of places about that get way below that, but I'm used to the mount's 8-15° winter temps. 4° is the temperature my fridge is set to.

So this is, yet again, another night of me not doing anything. I am too cold to function, so I'm gunna try for an early night, and put my phone on loud, just in case I get a call. Because any minute now, my best friend Meagan could be squeezing out a baby.

She's already 12 days overdue, so they induced her tonight, but since the baby hadn't been in any real hurry before this, I figure it could be a while.

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  1. Well I'd say you'll be an honorary aunty by about lunchtime if you aren't already. How exciting!

    And I agree with you. It was 4 here yesterday morning and was FREEZING!