Saturday, May 12, 2012


Do other people write their blog posts in their heads while they're doing the sewing, only to get to the computer an hour or so later and find that it's all gone?

I had some brilliant thing going about throwing off the shackles of fear, and I was going to lead us all into a mighty revolution of zip setting, curved piecing and working with stretch fabrics. It was going to be a brave new world, but maybe some other day.

It came from an honest place though - tonight, I was brave. But first I finished the top of the Every Which Way quilt.

I ended up getting a slightly bigger bit of batting anyway, since I like to pull my tops pretty taught over the batting.

And once that was done, I decided to get into something I've been thinking about doing for a while, but have been too scared to have a go at.

It's not paper pieced. For that, you press to the sides, and I like my seams split. So I drew all my shapes on some paper, cut them out, traced them onto another piece of paper with .75cm seam allowances and then sewed them together freehand. There's currently 42 pieces there, and it still needs the brackets and the radical sign (The √ square root symbol) and the borders and such.

In case you were wondering, it's going to be the equation you use to work out how big your squares are if all you know is c - the length of the long side of your half square triangle.

I can highly recommend being brave though. After all, it's only fabric, and you might do a really good job with it.


  1. okay. I'll be brave! Thanks.

  2. I have great ideas sometimes for blog posts at work and have to email myself at home to remember them later.

    You're just too clever with your fancy non paper pieced equations. Great job. I dont know that I have the chutzpah to be THAT brave!