Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I've put this off for a while out of indecision but time is running out, so here it is, my entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

I was a bit torn between a few quilts - the quilt I made for my best friend's baby was my first choice, because it features both rainbow and HSTs, and they're my two favourite things at the moment. And then there's my most recent quilt (well, quiltlet really) a crazy-pieced ode to my favourite mathematical equation. But it's still not bound, and the lack of energy I'm stuck with due to a nasty cold I've got at the moment means it probably won't be any time soon. In the end it was that same cold that led to my decision - I'm going to go with the quilt that I've had wrapped around me for the last two days, making me feel warmer and better-er.

I did the bulk of this quilt about two months ago, over the course of about two weeks. Having finished the top, I angsted over piecing the back, eventually deciding not to. I usually piece my backs at a diagonal, so that I don't have to match my quilting lines, but I had decided to quilt alongside the seams of the top, and they run at a diagonal too. Fortunately I happened to find a lovely blue-grey chambray that was 145cm wide.

And, having quilted it, I left it, trimmed and unbound, for quite a while. Binding is my last favourite part of a quilt, but I made the binding and put it aside for the right moment, which came about a week ago, when I felt like sewing, but my current project was at an awkward stage, and it seemed good to do something boring to get a run up before tackling something tough.

It is, in my opinion, pretty much the perfect size quilt. It was small enough to quilt pretty easily on my little old machine, but it's big enough to cover me from neck to feet when I'm laying down, and wide enough that when I wrap it around myself, it reaches halfway down my legs.

I've already assembled another grey and blue bundle to re-make this quilt someday, as well as a pink and brown bundle, and a green and orange bundle.

And now I'm off to sleep under it again :)


  1. I love this little quilty! I have not tried HST yet. Bought the paper that you can use. I think this type of pattern is my favorite. It looks complex but it isnt. Would love a bit more info on how much fabric or FQ you used. How do you choose bundles. Is it light and darks of both colours or light of one and dark of another? Glad you submitted!

    1. Thanks so much! For this quilt I just bought 20cm cuts of blue and grey fabrics (most are from the DS Lines for Spotlight and Joann stores) and sorted them into blue and grey bundles, though I had to use the dark blue as a grey, because I had more trouble finding greys than blues. I cut them into 20cm squares and then cut them diagonally to make the HST units, and then just laid them out on the floor till I was happy with the layout, focusing on getting the most even spread from the fabrics that popped the most, which I felt were the dark blue with the red flowers and the two blue solids. Than I just sewed my HST units, sewed them into rows and then the big quilt top.

      Don't be afraid to try HST units - I stayed away from them for a long time but now I love them. If you're worried about accuracy, make them too big and trim them down, but so long as your feed is pretty even, the added stretch of the bias cut isn't too bad to work with :)

  2. Love this quilt Sara, great colours and layout.

  3. j'aime beaucoup l'association des couleurs ,jolie réalisation

  4. One of my favorites! another beautiful design!

  5. HST's are so versatile - love your quilt!

  6. I love the colours in this quilt Sara.

  7. Love these colors and the little bit of larger scale prints you threw into the mix. Nicely done.

  8. Belli i colori, danno un effetto molto bello!