Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And no, I didn't get any binding done...

Everybody, feel free to ignore this post. It's just the math for the Lattice quilt, in a place where I won't lose it, and can access it from my phone.

To make smaller quilt (as per blue and green) Approx 145cm square.

In prints:
cut rectangles 20cm x 10cm. Total of 36 (18 prints cut 2, 12 prints cut 3, 9 prints cut 4)

From 2 yards (1.8m) of solid:
cut 25 squares 20cm x 20cm (5 across width of fabric)
cut 6 squares 30cm x 30cm (3 across width of fabric) then into 12 HST
cut 2 squares 16cm x 16cm, then into 4 HST
cut 12 squares 10cm x 10cm (from rest of previous strip, and offcuts of 30cm squares)

Sew diagonal rows of squares and rectangles in pairs, except for centre row, which stays on it's own. Add large HSTs to ends of paired rows. Join all rows into top. Add small HSTs to corners. Wallah.

Oh, and for future reference, to calculate the length of a side when all you know is the hypotenuse of a HST; √(c2÷2)

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  1. Ugh maths...I haven't even had my morning coffee yet !