Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yay Me.

Although my day didn't go exactly as planned, I can comfortably say that I've had just 1 hour's sleep in the past 36, but I got a quilt finished, and a bit of handsewing done, and my clothes in the wash.


The plan had been to sew the lattice quilt till 5.30am (my estimated finishing time, and I was only 10 minutes short), go to the dawn service down in Pt Mac, be home by about 8ish, bind the other quilt, have 4 hours of sleep while they crinklified themselves in the washing machine and the dryer, and go see Meagan and let her pick her favourite.

This of course got derailed when we got invited to an Aunt's for breakfast after the service. And then straight after breakfast, she brought out some booze. And board games. And card games.

We planned to leave at 10. We planned to leave at 12. We planned to leave at 2, and actually succeeded. But I hadn't finished either quilt at this point, so I was a teensy bit relieved when Meagan messaged to say she and Clayton were having a spontaneous afternoon roadtrip.

I tried to do the final row of stitching on the binding, bit I realised after about 10cm (and this was on the machine) that I couldn't concentrate enough. I had something to eat, I fartarsed on the computer, I moved piles of stuff from the floor to the bed and back again. Eventually I gave up, set my timer for an hour, and had a nap.

After I woke up I did the final stitch down of the binding and put it in the wash. I watched a few new episodes of TV, and I finally got the black wholecloth quilt and started to sew it. I sewed while I watched for about an hour and a half, and I'm maybe 2/3rds of the way along one side. Black on black is hard to sew, and there's a reason I use the machine. If I didn't, this certainly wouldn't be finished.

I don't think it counts as a finish in the finishathon though, since I only started it last Friday.

Still, 5 day turnaround. Again, pride.


  1. Sometimes the best laid plans get all messed up .. sounds like you had some good family time. I presume the lattice quilt is for Meagan.

  2. I think it totally counts. Anything finished in April counts !

    I love both sides of this quilt.