Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well there you go...

Can I say that finally doing the binding for the pink pavement quilt this afternoon wiped me out? I have to assume that's what it was, since I spent the rest of the evening at Meagan's watching movies with her, before coming home, trying an experimental wallet (it didn't work) and cooking a whole lot of bacon.

It's a good thing I did the binding though, becasue even though I was sure she would pick the white one, she went with the pink one. Admittedly, she then went with the white one, and then the pick one again, and then the white one again before saying no, she was going with the pink one, and I wasn't to let her change her mind again, but still, I though she'd go the white one.


  1. I had big plans for Friday afternoon but obviously cleaning up my sewing room wiped me out - I had a 4 hour Nanna nap!

    So let me get this straight ? You did two bindings for a quilt?

  2. I do nothing and get wiped out so I'm not surprised that actually doing something would wipe you out.