Monday, April 2, 2012


The problem I think with quilting (the bit where you sew the three layers together) is that you can be at it for hours with nothing really to show. And you get sore shoulders.

This is the first time I've done wavy lines in both directions, and apart from a couple of little bunches at the seams (that should pretty much vanish once it's washed and crinkly) it's going okay. I don't think I pulled the back taught enough though, as it's a bit baggier than usual. Still, I did at at 4am, so I'm not entirely surpried - 3am is usually my stop-sewing time.

Hopefully the two-direction quilting will make it super crinkly. It's getting colder now, and since crinkly looks warmer (it doesn't matter whether or not it actually is) I'm thinking the crinky the better.


  1. Crinkly is good (and I like the quilting on that quilt too)

    Hot wash that sucker and any residual bagginess will disappear! Love those fabrics too.

  2. Crinkly is definitely good. the quilting and the piecing look really good.