Friday, April 20, 2012


Even though I've done it for all bar about 5 of my days on earth, clearly I still need more practice at this whole "going to bed" shtick.

Possibly reading the entire episode guide to Game of Thrones on wikipedia wasn't the best idea at 4am, but it was still quicker than watching it all. Since each season covers one book, I think reading the books would be quicker than watching it: I can read an unfamiliar 400 page novel in about 4 hours, whereas it would take me 10 to watch ithe first season.

Anyway, before I got distracted I (thankfully) got some stuff done.

Target had 40% of pillows today, so I bought myself a new one. It was referred to as "dual core" and I use a dual core. Actually, I use 3 dual cores - desktop, laptop and phone are all dual-core, but in the pillow's case (pun not intended) it means that there's a foam bit in the middle of the regular fluffy bit. I wanted to make it a pillowcase, but, after getting out a half dozen fabrics and then deciding against them all, I got to work on the next bag, with a zip and interfacing.

This is without vita wheats, and all I used was some non-woven 1600F on the lining. It was a bugger to turn out though, but I didn't have to hand sew it, because I cleverly recessed the zip over the top of the turning hole.

I lined it in the same beige ripstop as the outer of the other bag is made from, since I think a lighter coloured lining makes things easier to find.

That done, I auditioned some more fabrics, came to the conclusion that I really ought to use a whole yard, because having white on the back would look weird, and put all my choices to that point back on the shelf. I read an old Reader's Digest for a bit, resewed the armholes on Casey's shirt (she likes sleeveless workshirts, but they're hard to find, so I have to cut down long-sleeved shirts for her), ate some pineapple and finally admitted to myself that If I was going to go to bed tonight, I needed to get a pillowcase sorted out. I'm not ashamed to admit, I drool in my sleep a little bit.

Eventually I discovered a doubling up of this fabric, which I once used as my handbag for a while, so I figured I could miraculously use it while having it remain in my stash (because frankly, isn't that what we always want?) and so I went for it.

Then I completely forgot to go to bed anyway. Thank god I don't work Fridays :)

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