Monday, April 23, 2012


It took me a looong time tonight to get started, but then, my day started off weird.

An 8am wake up to a pretty sight of the light through the curtains and two quilts, was followed by being up for 45 minutes, and then going back to bed till 15 minutes before I had to start work, because I have mad getting-ready-for-work-at-high-skeed skills.

Tonight it took a run up of another episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, a quite bad werewolf movie and half a webseries before I was ready to get cutting. Also adding to the pressure, I have finally cut into my Central Park stash.

Granted, it's only a 10 cm wide cut along the selvedge (I bought half yards) but still, it feels like a Big Thing. The other big thing of the evening was the sheer volume of white I had to cut to go around it - eleven 13.5cm strips, plus some little bits too - that's a metre and a half of white. But I'm feeling confident that it will look good.

I appear to have developed a habit of finishing for the night at the point where it's all in strips. I'm not sure why.


  1. What were you doing up at 8 am ?

    Central Park is looking good. I blitzed the sewing this weekend but sadly I ran out of steam before I got to another zip!

  2. the central park fabric is beautiful ..