Monday, April 30, 2012

O ooh Hungover. (ish)

Do other people spend a really long time online looking at fabric, finding a few things you like, looking at lots of sellers (between ebay, etsy and actual online fabric shops) trying to find one that has everything you want at a decent price, opening up dozens of tabs, on two computers, before realising that to get everything you need, you'd have to buy from 3 different people, who'll each charge you $17 postage, even though you only want a couple of packs of charm squares from each of them, and it's all too hard, so you just exit all of it?

Anyway, yes, today I was hungover. I stayed at a friend's, we walked back to our cars about lunchtime, and I was feeling pretty okay. I said goodbye, got into my car, and immediately, the hangover hit. That hardly seems fair now does it? I can only assume that my body was sucking it up in the unfamiliar settings, and then as soon as it felt safe and at home (because my car is my second home) if felt compelled to point out that it was just pretending. I came home, watched a documentary on the South Sydney Rabbitohs, because the remote was simply too far away, and moved to my bed when people complained that I was hogging the couch. Apart from getting up to eat dinner, I haven't really moved, just bolstered myself up with many, many pillows, and watched many, many action movies.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day of April, so unless I get some binding done tomorrow night, the April Finishathon actually only got two UFOs F'd, since the Lattice quilt doesn't count. But those two were just quilt tops, which got full pieced backs, quilted and bound. I also finished piecing the top of the Sashed-9-Patch, and made a back for and got half the quilting done on the Falling Leaves quilt. So I guess I'm pretty happy with it.


  1. I have no willpower so I just buy what I want when I want least you have some restraint!

    In the end I totally failed with my April finish challenge. Im pretty much useless. I had such high hopes (sigh)

  2. I didn't start of finish anything in April .. good thing I didn't join your April Finishathon ... I keep saying I'll do something this weekend and haven't lifted a finger yet, unless making a diaper cake counts for something.