Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Isn't this why it's supposedly sold "pre-shrunk"?

I didn't mention it the other night, but the Prima Natural I used for the back of the pink pavement quilt has some shrinkage issues. Spraying with water (I'm not a fan of steaming) and ironing caused shrinkage of about 5mm on a 10cm square. I'm not too concerned about how it will look once quilted - since there's so much white on the back, and I'm quilting fairly densely, shrinkage should be fairly even and, hopefully, result in much crinklyness. But it is a bitch when I'm just trying to press the creases out of my blocks and they keep changing sizes on me, so tonight I decided to pre-wash the rest of it, as well as the white I found at Lincraft today.

As quilters, we tend not to deal with large amount of fabric. A couple of yards at most, for a backing. And I for one am glad of this. Because trying to iron eight metres of fabric is a bitch of a job.


  1. I frequently deal with 6 metres or more for backings and you're right -ironing something like that is a bitch of a job!

    I pre-wash most of my backings and yardage before I start sewing unless I really want the massively crinkly look on a quilt.

  2. I hate trying to iron something that big. It never looks quite ironed .. I haven't been pre-washing since my 2nd quilt. I think I may be on the quilt police radar for that one .. I figure if I don't pre-wash any of it, I'm good.