Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

Because I didn't get the binding done on the Pink Pavement quilt, I'm gunna do my Favourite Things Friday.

Clearly, procrastinating is my thing tonight. It's a handy term, which in tonight's case, encompases:
-going to the gym
-eating toast
-staring at the top of the quilt, thinking
-watching Swamp People with Casey
-staring at the back of the quilt, thinking
-staring into the fire
-trying to guess which episode of Buffy the songs in the Buffy soundtrack came from
-watching episodes of Spicks and Specks on youtube, and

-eating cheese.

So, I cut myself some new binding strips (I've decided to use 10cm ones instead of the usual 9cm) and gave up. Weirdly, Im not ashamed. I'm actually coming to think that "staring at the quilt, thinking" is a crucial step in the making, and I intend to spend more time doing it.


  1. I frequently practice procrastination and call it something else. Quilt staring is essential to the process and does not fall under the heading of avoidance.

    At least I hope not....

  2. "staring at the quilt, thinking" is definitely part of making the quilt. I haven't done my favorite things yet .. I only have five more minutes so I'd better come up with something quick.