Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm calling it "lattice," but only because I'm not great at names.

Even though I had planned on resuming hermitting, it hasn't really worked. And even when I am hermitting, other people have parties here, and it's difficult to hermit when there's peeps sleeping in your lounge. It's also difficult to cut and press fabrics, which is why the quilt top I made last night doesn't have a back, despite really needing to be all finished in about 3 days.

It's another square quilt, similar to the back of the pavement quilt, but made partially with the few stragglers of a layer cake that didn't fit into my idea for the design for the rest of them.

As a result, it's a bit bigger than the other one, so I didn't bother with the wide border, but I think the fact that the squares are bigger makes it look a bit too white. But that could just be because it was hideously overcast this afternoon, and I couldn't get a nice photo.

Still, it's considerably less pink than the Pink Pavement quilt, and that's what I was going for, so yay my mad skillz!


  1. It's really pretty, I really like the way you have graduated the colour.

  2. I like it too and think it's perfectly balanced with the white. It has a vintage/antiquey feel. Im sure whoever is lucky enough to get this as a gift is going to love it.

  3. me too! but I like white in my quilts .. but seriously, it looks great. I like the shot where it's hanging in the window.