Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Meagan

So 20 years ago today, my best friend was born. I would have been 4 at the time, so my main concerns would have been (probably) playdough and/or brightly coloured paint. I know that at some point at kindy we did the thing where you get really watery paint and blow it around the page with a straw, because I blew out all my oxygen, got very dizzy, and had to lie down.

That's not the point though. Even though Meagan thinks I'm clever because I made her a bag and fixed her computer, her current WIP is an actual human being, and unlike me, she can't do much procrastinating on it - It'll be here in about 3 weeks, though I know she'd rather it sooner.

I, on the other hand, am still ferociously procrastinating, having not actually finished her birthday present.

But the back's all pieced, and I've very neatly basted the entire thing with perfectly regular spacing, so I can do nice neat waves.

In my defence, strips always take longer than you think they will. I think she feels the same way about babies.


  1. Those last few weeks of waiting for your baby to arrive seem like YEARS....especially when you're the size of a whale (Im talking about myself here because I dont know how whale-like Meagan is)

    Happy Birthday Meagan !

  2. My experience with giving birth was that as soon as the labor pains started, I wanted to stay pregnant (and my last three weeks always turned into five) .. but at that point, there's no turning back. That WIP will be here, ready or not.

    Her birthday present is beautiful! I love that the back is as beautiful as the front.

    Happy Birthday Meagan!!