Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Finish of the Finishathon!

It's been a pretty good day. I got some good packages in the mail: vintage flannels and peeled cows from etsy, and a massive stack from Hancocks, which also included this:

After spending an hour or so cooing over it and making imaginary bundles in my head, I got to finally quilting the Green Pavement quilt. I wont lie, it was dull, slow and unfun. But 2.5 hours of quilting, 45 minutes of pinning, 30 minutes of handsewing the corners and 30 minutes machining the binding down and it's all done.

I did a foldover for this one, since the backing was not only on point, but I like it better than the front. I'd cut the wadding to an inch bigger around than the top was because I wanted a wide border, and just folded and pinned it to the width that covered the edge of the top. I was telling myself that I was being artistic and organic, but better adjectives probably would have been haphazard and lazy. Still, I really like it, especially from the back. The lack of an edge, both of the design and of the binding, is something I've decided I am a big fan of.

Hopefully I comes out of the washing machine still looking nice.


  1. Peeled cows? And now I have visions of you fondling your colour chart.

    I really like the quilting on this one Sara ...may just have to steal the idea for future reference. Ive done one fold over binding in the past but thats something I should probably try again as well!

  2. I love this quilt. Both sides. Nice to be finished I'm sure and it looks great! since seeing the angst bag up close and personal, I'll say you were artistic and organic -- no matter what you say. Maybe it just comes naturally to you.