Friday, April 13, 2012

Everything's a thing...

Today I did both a lot, and nothing very much at all. I washed and dried the new quilt.

The front, unwashed

The back, unwashed

The front, washed and dried

The back, washed and dried
I got a package from Thea in the mail, including some uber-cute flannelette, and I need to buy some more thermal interfacing to make this into a new stubby holder.

And in case she was wondering, this was the watch she forwarded to me, saving me $30 in stupid, OTT ebay postage.

And when I got home I finally worked out how to sync firefox across my two computers, I made a little pouch to check I still remembered how to do it, I packed some clothes, I found some car chargers, and I ate half a box of breakfast cereal. As I said, a lot, but not very much, and tomorrow will be more of the same, what with lunch for my dad's birthday, and going off to Adelaide to sew some zips and spend a whole lotta money.

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  1. Glad the package made it there. I was starting to wonder. That's a big watch. Also happy to help with the shipping!

    Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!