Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tonight, I didn't go to the gym, because a pimple has formed behind my right ear, and I wear those headphones that clip over your ears, so, um, ouch. It's a nice change though, usually my problem with going to the gym is that my feet hurt.

And did I use my early night home to get much much sewing done? Well, no.

Falling Pinwheels is half quilted.

Though not very well. Still, better than nothing, and lets just say I meant to make it that wrinkly in places.

And you can't see it so much from the front - darker fabrics and all that.

I'm finding it interesting too how I very much prefer rock or party music when I'm quilting as opposed to slower, more ballady stuff. Lady Gaga, Pink, Selena Gomez, Matchbox Twenty and even a bit of LMFAO.

Oh, and this song.

This is my new favourite anything everything song.


  1. Looking good ...half is so much better than getting none done !

    I decided to grow two pimple simultaneously on my chin two weeks ago an they were beauties. I looked like witchy poo. At least yours is hidden...

  2. Half done is good only half to go .. the end is in sight. Always good to have some progress.