Monday, April 9, 2012


Having spent the day feeling a bit crappy, tonight I decided I wouldn't sew after all. I still ache pretty much all over (canoeing=badness) so I didn't want to try and wrangle any actual quilting, and the white I bought yesterday is natural, not white, which is admittedly what I usually use, but didn't in the case of the sashed quilt, so I'll need to get some actual white tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've re-installed windows on my laptop (finally!) and bookmarked about a gazillion to-do projects from the craftzine blog, as well as writing up a list of things I don't know I should have been buying from the salvos to repurpose into awesomeness. Why did I never think to use old belts as straps on messenger bags?

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  1. Canoeing can do that to a person .. last time I went I wasn't so much sore as embarrassed. I tipped the canoe over in 2 feet of water and was covered in mud. It was funny, but couldn't get the canoe to move in the right direction.