Friday, February 24, 2012

Those monstrous eyes...

Before I do monsters again, I think I need to get myself a BabyGo or a Cricut - my poor thumb has been rubbed raw from cutting all the little circles for eyes. The main problem is how thick it is - I fuse together some white quilting cotton with white wool felt and then another layer of webbing to fuse them both to the face. And since if you draw on the fabric or the webbing it bleeds through when you iron it, there's the layer of paper too. A single layer of cotton isn't enough to cover the print and the wool tends to pill, which shits me, so this is pretty much the only way to get the finish I want.

Still, fusing down the faces is the least production-line-y bit of the process, and therefore one of the bits I like better. What were just shapes now have personalities, even though they don't have eyeballs. One of them appears to be a reincarnated BeeGee, and one of them is shrugging without having shoulders. That's quite a talent.

I also seem to have mainly single-eyed monsters - possibly because I went with bigger eyes this time (easier to sew down) and less eyes also means less cutting. Still, I like one-eyed, since it gives the impression of monstery-ness even though most of them are four-limbed creatures same as us.


  1. Can you wear quilting gloves when cutting ? That might help at least a little bit.

    Yes- one eyed monsters are much more monster like.

    Had a giggle at the idea of the reincarnated Bee Gee monster I must say.

  2. I love all your monsters -- can I swap something for one? Just tell me what I can send you.
    A lady at my office has one of those cutters, I guess the cricut and makes all sorts of cool stuff with it. Which BeeGee?